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Meet the team

Lyam Chapman

Lyam founded Shop and Swap & THEXCHNG in 2012 with the intention of bringing the community together via an always evolving marketplace

Tim Delac

Tim has been our behind the scenes man since day one. As head of operations he adds great perspective and depth to the team.

Kevin Villacorte

Always on point, Kev has been with us since the early days of Shop and Swap. His knowledge goes beyond general sneakers with a well rounded understanding of the street culture.

Liam Parsons

A well known face in the community Liam plays an important role in the day to day workings of THEXCHNG whilst maintaining a strong media presence. Over the years he has developed an impressive collection in addition to the knowledge that comes with his impressive pairs.

Harry Galbraith

Harry has always been an active user of Shop and Swap and a hands on member of the community. He helps us organise/set up and run tables at swap meets, admin the page and remains a pivotal cog in THEXCHNG.


Part of the scene for many years, he has since elapsed a large collection. As THEXCHNG's in house designer he's helped us build our own apparel collection alongside his own brand.

Menandro Plan

Seeing alot come and go and has helped Dro differentiate between trend and a style. Helping to represent THEXCHNG throughout Sydney