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For the purposes of this agreement the words “THEXCHNG”, “THEXCHNG Pty Ltd”, “We”, “Our” and “Us” refer to THEXCHNG Pty Ltd and “Site” refers to all services and materials as provided on www.THEXCHNG.net and associated domain names.
General Users:

1. You agree that the information on this Site is strictly for personal use only and is not to be redistributed, sold or used for any commercial purpose (including, but not limited to subjecting the listed advertiser’s contact details to unsolicited commercial communication). Material may be downloaded from the Site for non-commercial, personal purposes only, on the condition that all the integrity of all copyright and other proprietary material is maintained.

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3. Data mining, robots, screen scraping, or similar data gathering and extraction tools are not to be used by you on this Site for any purpose whatsoever, except with the prior written permission and consent of THEXCHNG.

4. No warranty is provided by THEXCHNG to anybody that the services provided for via the Site will remain uninterrupted or free from disturbance and error. THEXCHNG also makes no warranty that the services, if interrupted, will be corrected. THEXCHNG will endeavour to fix all problems that arise. You understand that THEXCHNG is not able to and will not guarantee or warrant that the files that are open to download from the Site or delivered via electronic communication are free from any viruses, infections, Trojan horses, worms or any other form of malicious code or software that may contain destructive or harmful properties. You maintain the sole responsibility for constructing and employing sufficient methods and protocols for satisfying your individual requirements as to the security and accuracy of any data that you access, upload, download, save or receive. THEXCHNG will not be held liable for any loss to anybody for lost data, howsoever caused.

5. Although THEXCHNG takes all necessary care in ensuring that the integrity and privacy of the information provided by you is maintained, possibilities exist that the information so provided by you could be accessed, observed and/or used unlawfully, THEXCHNG accepts no responsibility for any loss suffered by you, should the above-mentioned situations arise. THEXCHNG will not be liable for any loss suffered from information being unlawfully accessed by third parties, nor will THEXCHNG be liable for the actions and consequences of those actions by
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6. THEXCHNG accepts no responsibility for the delivery of items purchased through the site. In no circumstance will THEXCHNG be liable for the failure in delivery and/or quality of any items purchased through the site.