Using THEXCHNG/Shop and Swap


Using Shop and Swap and THEXCHNG

We feel with the launch of THEXCHNG that we are showing Australian users a new way to buy, sell and trade amongst the community that we’ve spent 4 years building on Facebook via the group ‘Shop and Swap’. We didn’t want to stop here so we integrated a fully functional forum complete with reputation system and customisable profiles as well as a news section and our ‘store’ selling our own in-house product amongst other brands from the community.

Shop and Swap

In Shop and Swap, sellers will be able to submit items following our upload guidelines and obligatory fields covering all details of the listing. Once a submission has been listed by a user an admin will overview the item for accuracy and then either approve or decline the listing. Upon approval the listing will appear in the ‘Shop and Swap’ section of the site. From here, potential buyers will be free to view item and can either add it to their watch list or purchase the item by pressing the ‘Buy Now’ button, which will then initiate a PayPal transaction. We’ve opted to use PayPal as the only payment method on THEXCHNG for both safety and convenience. Once a purchase has been completed, users will be encourage to communicate by email or by commenting on the other users profile.

All listings on Shop and Swap include any fees that are applicable to the transaction. There is a 6% surcharge on items, charged to the buyer to help cover all PayPal and other relative fees plus the time and services provided by THEXCHNG and it’s admins.


A place for all discussion, members will be free to take part in message board style conversations and topic specific discussion. The forum is divided into different sections ranging from fashion and sneaker discussions to off-topic and trade talk. All these sections have their own FAQ sections, where you can find behaviour guidelines. The forum sections are put in place to help organise threads, users are encouraged to create threads for topics they can not find, however if a topic already exists for your question or comment, be sure to join the conversation there.

Each user has their own reputation level and rank that is assigned by their reputation points. You can give and take rep points by pressing the + or – on a post. This effects the users overall reputation points as well as displays the success of that individual post. Moderators will be routinely viewing the forum to help keep users on topic, in the off topic forum section, moderation will be looser, however if a rule from our section FAQ is breached then the user will be banned. Bans can be anywhere from 24 hours to permanent to help keep this community it’s best.

Store and News sections

THEXCHNG store, a place where users can purchase our product and other brands we have partnered with. During the Beta phase of the site, all orders through our store will be distributed by the relative brand. The support shown by purchasing product through our store is always appreciated and helps us and our partner brands expand and continue to creat premium quality garments.
The ‘News’ section will be a place to keep up to date with our curated selection of upcoming releases and sneaker/street wear news and keep members up to date with the happenings of THEXCHNG and the brands we wish to spotlight.

If there’s any other questions you have, feel free to check our our FAQ or fill out a form in our contact section


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    Luke said on May 24, 2016 Reply
    So dope , love it

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