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Payment on THEXCHNG

On THEXCHNG, all prices are displayed in AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR. For the most accurate conversion we recommend using PayPal’s Currency Converter.

We’ve opted to use PayPal as the only method of payment on THEXCHNG store. This is a feature used to protect both buyers and sellers on when purchasing via our store.

Payment in Shop and Swap

Shop and Swap offers users the ease of one click purchase items submitted by independent sellers listings. Members also have the option of private messaging freely to organise the sale on their own terms.

We do not take any fees for buying and selling in Shop and Swap but users are encouraged to use PayPal for safety. Because of this we cannot take liability for any theft or other illegal activity that may occur during the selling process if you choose to use the private message system.

Payment and handling in the Store

In the webshop feature of our site we offer users the ability to purchase official THEXCHNG merchandise aswell as select local brands.

Payment for items in the store will be dispatched from the appropriate brand – please allow up to 5-10 days shipping handling for these purchases.

Shop and Swap

Using Shop and Swap

You can access our web based marketplace by accessing the ‘Shop and Swap’ tab on the header menu. Here you will find listings submitted by sellers available to purchase using PayPal or the private messaging process. To purchase, simply click the ‘Buy Now’ option on the listing.

All submissions to Shop and Swap are reviewed by our admin team for accuracy to check that all the necessary criteria has been filled, then they are displayed live on our feed. Once an item has been sold it is removed from Shop and Swap.

Submitting to Shop and Swap

Submitting your items to Shop and Swap is easy, simply click the ‘Submit’ button at the top of the page, next to your account control panel.

Here you will fill out a form with to gauge the product and what it’s qualities are. This helps us best review your item before it appears on Shop and Swap as well as making it easier for other users to find your item.

You will not be charged for listing an item on Shop and Swap however may be responsible for any applicable fees for items purchased through the site that were sold without the listing being removed.

What to post on Shop and Swap

While ultimately all submissions to Shop and Swap are reviewed by our team members we ask that users strictly stick to sneaker, fashion or street culture related items to be listed.

When your post will be displayed

All posts on Shop and Swap need to be approved by a member from our admin team.

This can mean there may  be a small delay between submitting your item and it appearing on Shop and Swap. This is done to help best protect buyers and help sellers with any information they may have missed.


Members can now trade items via the private messaging system, we advise that users take precaution when making trades.
This is a feature we plan to bring you at a later date.

The Forum

Adding an image to a comment

We encourage users to attach pictures to their comments and rather then building this feature into our forum we have opted to let users upload images via URL to allow best quality.

The easiest to get your image on the web is by using sites such as ‘imgur.com’ which require no sign up and allow you to upload images and use the URL.

Simply select the [IMG] icon when commenting in the forum and paste your URL in between the tags.


In our general fashion and brand categories users are advised to stick on topic. In these forum sections the moderation team will be working to remove any random discussion or excessively negative comments. When posting here we ask members to refrain from swearing, posting vulgar or graphic images, bullying, spam, discriminative remarks or anything else our moderators feels breaches our code of conduct.

These rules are less heavily moderated in our off topic discussion, where users will be free to discuss any topic they please, keeping in mind not to post vulgar or graphic images, spam, bullying or any discriminative remarks.

What to post on Shop and Swap

While ultimately all submissions to Shop and Swap are reviewed by our team members we ask that users strictly stick to sneaker, fashion or street culture related items to be listed.

Trading via the forum

At this point, users are only able to trade in the forum, simply upload your item and some clear pictures and information and what your looking for. Members can then initiate a trade through the comment section.

User reputation

The reputation system currently put in place works on votes, each post you vote up (or down) displays on that post, with totals being added or deducted from a users overall reputation. This works well as a guide when dealing with users on the forum.